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The 8th Eilat Birds Festival

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Organized by the Israel Ornithological Center of the SPNI, the Eilat Birds Festival brings together birders from the world over for an unforgettable birding week during the peak of spring migration in southern Israel. Celebrating our 9th year, the Eilat Festival is now a well-established event and known in birder circles as the ultimate package for birding Southern Israel available today.

The 2014 festival was an incredible week! Our 8th Eilat Festival was our biggest to date and drew a great crowd that ranged from birding professionals of the highest level to amateur birders, both from abroad and from Israel. This year we launched the first ever “Champions of the Flyway” a unique bird race for conservation in conjunction with Birdlife International. The Champions will become an annual project, tied in with the Eilat Birds Festival, in order to celebrate migration in Eilat and raise money for campaigns against the illegal slaughter of birds on migration.

The Eilat Festival and Champions of the Flyway event were widely acknowledged worldwide and caused a strong, positive “buzz” around Eilat in spring 2014.

The week was an awesome week of birding, combining incredible soaring birds migration and a great show of local specialties. Some significant birds showed up during the week and rarities such as: Pied Bushchat, Black Bush Robin and Caspian Plovers were all seen by festival groups.

The Stars of the night, the enigmatic Hume's Owls put on a show and the Nizzana day was memorable with displaying Macqueen's Bustards, 4 species of Sandgrouse and many Coursers.

Preparations are already in full swing towards the 2015 event.

The 9th Eilat Birds Festival is scheduled for the 15-22 March 2015.

UK based WildWings are offering festival packages from the UK.    For more information go to: http://www.wildwings.co.uk/eilat.html

With the Champions of the Flyway campaign already making waves we are expecting some big names in the birding world to join in Eilat, stay posted!

Our team will be at the British Bird fair (Marquee 2) and will be happy to assist with any questions about the event and with booking a package.

UK based WildWings are offering festival packages from the UK. For more information go to: http://www.wildwings.co.uk/eilat.html